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Training for executives and businesses

Working with horses is like entering a world of the unknown, we can start with no assumptions. When faced with challenges we lean on our familiar patterns that have helped or hindered us in the past, the horses mirror us and teach us directly with no agenda, how we are to them. They reveal to us a better way of being with others. Through this heightened and new awareness we develop more effective and positive ways of being and new neural pathways are created that will serve us well in the future.

‘No other feedback has felt as real or valuable “

You will learn out of your comfort zone, out of the corporate environment.

As a herd animal with a 50 million year history horses learned to exist together peacefully in ever changing dynamics and environments.

We have underestimated their value as teachers.

​Horses do not recognise corporate hierarchies and will reveal who the leader's are.

​They respond visibly and immediately to the dynamic which they are experiencing from an individual or groups. resulting in an incredible other dimension in understanding.

​The most sceptical is left in a state of awe at a new awareness of the group and how they actually operate.

What really works with the horse as in life, is revealed.

​These activities can be filmed then explored.

​Equine assisted mindfulness based stress reduction can be offered also.

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