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Care Farming


On our farm

We started care farming/green care programme at Hay Farm in 2016, our farm is more of a sanctuary. The horses are kept as a herd in a more natural way, this stress free living makes them safer and more generous with visitors.
The farm animals are given the freedom necessary for them to be healthy and happy. We also have a strong environmental ethos and run the farm organically.

Care farming reconnects people with the earth, animals and the natural world

At Hay Farm we offer educational and mental health/wellness provision for groups of people within the health, social care and education services. We see adults and children with mild to moderate disabilities, mental health issues, autism, drug and alcohol addictions.

We provide a supervised programme of land-based related activities including animal care, gardening, maintenance and nature projects.


Sessions can be half or full day during the week. We work with individuals or small groups to maintain the home like feel on the farm.

Please contact us for more information.



The purpose of trauma-informed practice is not to treat trauma-related difficulties, Instead, it seeks to address the barriers that people affected by trauma can experience when accessing health and care services.

Care Farming and Equine Assisted Learning is recommended for clients that would struggle to process the more demanding levels of psychological exploration Equine Assisted Psychotherapy may require.

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